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The We Got Next II “The Revolution is HERE!”

The project is the 1st mixed cd we distributed through our deal with The Orchard -Sony it was the brain child of our CEO, Shakiji Abdul, to take some of the best indi artists that we ran across through several platforms and submissions. So what we did as a total A&R / Creative department from Ms. Goldi the Southern A&R rep. Kulturezine Artist to Kasim Allah the East Coast A&R rep Kulturezine Artist, to several reps like Elle Taitague (BBM), to Legendary Producers like Freejack,( Gutta Child) and James Gardiner and Paula Tealander (PMG/ Pajama Studios/Kulturezine) to Shakij and DJ  Chevy Shank handpicking artist from this project. The Album  has  several amazing artists on it  from the Legendary Brand Nubians, Kasim Allah Ms. Goldi, Omega tha Kid, Carl King, Sacred Moon, G-Child, Spizzy, Mani, Righteous, Faith Walker, Reggae Legend Delroy Morgan, Mason, Gott LaSalle, Keely, Ahmin, Thirsty Mc Gurk, Freejack, Domunique, Wasun, Lakin, Diva Lady Chico, Yasmeena, 4 lgSouthern Soul Artist Napoleon , Demps

The artist on this project that had 2 singles considered for a Grammys in 2018 And The International Artist for Peace awards “Yes, I'm Ready” James Gardiner featuring Yasmeena and “I’m a Survivor” Diva Lady Chico featuring Black Ice. The Album was a nice mix of different styles and formats of music ranging Hip Hop,Pop,Neo, and Southern Soul, to Rock, Blues. So feel free to take a listen to this album and our declaration of music and freedom the Kulturezine Music Group way. The entire album as produced by the Knights of the Soundtable Crew and Executive Produced by Shakiji M. Abdul, Shank “DJ Chevy Shank” Mason and Marcia Campbell for Kulturezine Media Interactive LLC./Kulturuezine Music Group

We Got Next II "The Revolution is HERE!"

We got Next II "The Revolution is HERE!" is a ground breaking project that give you a inside look at whats going on in the Indie Music scene today. With some of the Hottest Indie and upcoming Artist in the game today.


Label:Kulturezine MusicGroup
Distribution: Kulturezine Media Interactive/Canis Major Digital/ The Orchard- Sony Global.
CEO: Shakiji Abdul



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