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The Knights of the Sound Table is a collection of some the best Creative Collaborators in the Entertainment Game Period!!

Zulu King Shakiji Abdul, CEO Founder of Kulturezine Media, Head Knight and Head Dream Maker

Shank "DJ Chevy Shank" Mason 
President of Kulturezine Media Interactive LLC. 

Tony Jordan Founder of Decago Inc, CEO of  1964 Global Marketing Group, VP Kulturezine  Media 

Michele Vice Maslin

Danny Thomas Owner Global Entertainment LLC
Legendary Keyboardist, Artist, Producer, Songwriter on Global Ent/ Kulturezine Musix Group LLC

James "Jim " Gardiner
Legendary Co-Owner of Pajama Studios Multi Platnum/ Gold Composer, Master Engineer/ Mixer Arranger, Producer

Herb Middleton is a grammy nominated, multi-platinum record producer, songwriter, musician & arranger.  

Freejack Artist/ Producer/ Songwriter

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