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August 10, 2018

Out Now!

Knights of the Soundtable Executive Produce a NEW Compilation We Got Next II " The Revolution is HERE!"

Urban Digital Multi-Media Company Kulturezine Media Interactive LLC. Has released a new ground Breaking total Indie recording project to showcase the different sounds in the Indie Music scene today. available on and all digital platforms worldwide.


Vin Keatin

February 10th 2018

Vin Keatin Drops 1st Single !
Vin Keatin drops his  1st single " "Chocolate Kisses" the single  is a take  back to  classic soul/ R&B, taking Soul back to its  roots and he will be doing lots more of that

August 5, 2018


Songwriter, Artist, and Producer: Keli Holliwood joins the Knights of the Soundtable
Songwriter, Artist, Producer: who has written Songs for the likes of  Jon B. Shanice Wilson and  countless others Joins The Knights of the Soundtable


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