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The Hall of Legends Museum Educational and Cultureal Center (HOLMECC) is a California 503c. We were Founded 2016 by its Founders, Zulu King Shakiji M Abdul ,Shank " DJ Chevy Shank" Mason, Marcia Campbell. We are a  foundation that  celebrates the history, legacy and contributions in Sports, Entertainment and Kulture Globally.

Board of Directors

Shakiji M. Abdul


Shank "DJChevy Shank" Mason

             Co- Vice Chair,Co-Founder

 Marcia Campbell
             Co-Vice Chair, Co-Founder

Sadiki Nia

              Executive Director, Co- Founder


             Chair Emeritus



Ronald A Washington

             Cheryl" Cheryl the Pearl" Cook

Ali Harnell

             James Higa

Tamara Hrivnak

             Jeff Jones

Mike Knobloch

             Rob Light

Carianne Marshall

            Harvey Mason Jr.

Kirdis Postelle

            Andie B. Simon




Hall of Legends Museum Executive Staff:

Shakiji M. Abdul

Vice President, Community Relationsips Services


Vice President ,Inductiees

Vice President, Research & Development

Vice President, Finance


Vice President of Educational  Programs and Devlopment

Vice President, Events and Fundraising


Hall of Legends Museum Staff:

Senior Manager, Community Services

Senior Accountant, Business Affairs 

Senior Accounting Manager, Business Affairs

Senior Manager of online Affairs


Administrative Assistant, Educational Services      

Project Manager, Fundraising

Senior Accounting Coordinator, Business Affairs


Senior Director, Fundraising





For media inquiries, please contact: , Communications Vice President, Hall of Legends Museum at

Contact: Hall of Legends Museum

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