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INDUCTEES will be inducted into the Hall of  Legends Museum at an annual induction ceremony. Generally, the number of inductees will ranges from about a half-dozen to a dozen. Virtually all living inductees will attended the ceremonies, and they will be presented with their Hall of  Legends Museum award by someone who was influenced by that inductee's service or impact. Both the presenter and the inductee speak at the ceremonies, which also include numerous musical performances, by both the inductees and the presenters. 


A nominating committee composed of urban kultural historians, entertainer,sports writers and legends, educators news paper editors and writers, contributors a selects names for the category  of all kinds, which are then voted on by roughly five hundred experts across the world. Those selected to vote include academics, journalists, music and film, tv producers,kultural legends ,inventors educators,media and others with urban kultural experience. Namominees become eligible for induction based on ther kultural inmpact , legacy and global impact on kulture. Criteria include the influence and significance there contributions to the development and perpetuation of urban global kulture. To be selected for induction, nomaniees must receive the highest number of votes, and also greater than 50% of the votes. Around five to seven are inducted each year.

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