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WAKE-UP  Movement Stop all the Violence in our Urban- Communities!



Welcome to the WAKE -UP Movement “Stop all the Violence in our Urban-Communities”


  We have come together 30+ years after the Self- Destruction “Stop the Violence Movement" was recorded and distributed. And we still have the same issues in our Urban-Communities. The Wake-Up Movement is in the same spirit of several projects such as Sun City, Self- Destruction, all in the Same Gang, H.E.A.L (Human Education Against Lies), to name a few. We are continuing in that same mental state in this project. We also want to include the Urban-Community- Based Elements with this Movement. Our goal is to network with the Urban- Communities for a continuing impact.


 Our Urban-communities are still plagued with several forms of Violence including the following: Gangs, Police & Social, Economic, Health, Educational in-justices also Lack both youth and community Leadership, along with prison  & Criminal reform to name a few. We have come together to help with these elements that are true acts of Violence in our Urban- Communities.


The WAKE-UP Movement plans to bring more awareness through the following: income  Centers, Music, Digital & Social  Media, also by using the products to help fund Urban-organizations and outreach programs, that are already in our Urban-Communities. The WAKE-UP Movement will be helping provide well-needed funding and media action including mass access along with increasing their Network and services.


The WAKE -UP Movement “Stop all the Violence in our Urban- Communities” our goal will be a push back from this generation, in a long fight to create better Urban Communities worldwide.


The WAKE-UP Movement will put together a musical album that talks about all the above plagues of violence in the Urban- Communities. The Album will include several tracks and a track from an All-Star lineup, from several Artists from different forms and musical styles, also several musical tracks based on the mission of the movement of this album. Proceeds will go to the organizations and outreach foundations that already exist in our Urban-Communities.

Respectfully yours,

The Co-Founders of Kulturezine Media Interactive LLC. And The Hall of Legends Museum, Educational and Kulturecenter

Zulu King Shakiji Abdul & Zulu King DJ Chevy Shank and Marcia Campbell

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