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Our Value of Equity

We recognize that our society is challenged to overcome a complex web of inequities, and we believe that HOLM is responsible for operating with an awareness of legacies of privilege and power that have effects on opportunity, access and resources. This awareness will inform all of our policies and practices, including funding criteria, program development, hiring, and resident engagement.

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Our Commitment to Equity


HOLM's Vision: All Global Citizens experience a meaningful cultural life.

To achieve our vision, the Hall of Legends Museum staff has developed a set of equity commitments. These principles ensure that our values and actions are aligned. The commitments serve as guides to day-to-day decision making and help ensure that equity threads through all that we do. To that end, we have stated the following:


Through the work of HOLM, we strive to:

  • Reflect and serve the racial and cultural diversity[1] of  Globally.

  • Deliberately share power with (partly through investing time and money in) people of color, recognizing that HOLM is responsible for operating with an awareness of legacies of privilege and power.

  • Include and engage historically-excluded[2] individuals and groups in our work.


  1. Racial and cultural diversity = “A value that brings unique perspective of life experience to the decision-making table, focusing particularly on racial and ethnic groups, LGBTQ populations, people with disabilities, and women.” (D5 coalition)

  2. Historically-excluded = “HOLM strongly encourages applicants who have been historically marginalized or underrepresented. Priority funding goes to artists that foster artistic expression deeply rooted in and reflective of historically marginalized or underrepresented communities.

Informed by the Grantmakers in the Arts’ “Racial Equity: Statement of Purpose,” these communities include: African and African American; Latino/a; Asian and Asian American; Arab; Native American; Pacific Islander; lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer; transgender and gender variant people; people with disabilities; and women. Hall of Legends Museum , also recognizes that some marginalized communities may not be listed here and encourage applicants to articulate and provide supporting evidence about the marginalization of any community or ethnic/people group not named above. Marginalized communities do not include fringe artistic disciplines.” (HOLM guidelines)


How We Got Here

In 2021,we will as the Hall of Legends Museum Voices & Vision community listening project invited Global residents to help shape our future. Planning for the next decade helped us see our need to focus on not only the groups we fund, but the residents that we ultimately serve. As a result we updated our organizational values, naming equity as an integral part of HOLM’s identity. These new values help guide how we do our work, but also affirm our commitment to serving the entire global community through everything we do.


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